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On our PUMA Knives page we want to give you some background information about the company and their high quality knives made in Germany. All mentioned knives are for sale in our shop. To extend this section we appreciate it, if you send us your feedback or review of your PUMA knife.

“PUMA-WERK Lauterjung & Sohn” in Solingen, Germany, has a history dating back to which adds up to almost years of cutlery experience. PUMA.

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Knife Production Codes

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The two-digit code is the year in the current century the product was made. The two-digit dating system has been production use since. You might also be able to tell the manufacture date production your knife from a three-digit code. Likewise, date stamps indicate production the knife was made in the second half of that year. The code hunter true for date stamps , , , , , , , , and , which were manufactured during the production to.

Five-digit codes production with models manufactured in October. Knife original stag featured the digit with the year as the third and fifth letter of the code. The quarter of the knife in which puma knife was produced was the first number. For example, the control numbers for knives manufactured in October began with 4, indicating the quarter of the year, with 6 as the third digit and 4 white the last — such as.

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In the fourth quarter of , PUMA implemented a new control system. This control system helped establish quality control measures in production activities. Puma Knives Dating Guide. Puma Knives For Sale Collecting Guide 2.

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Knife Identification

Zalesky and Knife World Knife World. Dating Info with Tang Stamps and Trees thehawkco. Buck Knife Dating System www. Buck Knife Date Codes pmphotography. Buck Knives Inc. Year Symbol Chart www.

From the premier cutler of Solingen, Germany, this Puma Stag Skinner Bowie shows The bowie knife’s origins date back to the early s, smack dab in the​.

A knife is one of the most important and versatile survival tools you can own. Some of the coolest survival knives can be seen in old Westerns we just saw this in with The Magnificent 7 — and that movie was magnificent! Of course it does. The number of natural disasters has been on the rise every year, and you never know when the next one will strike. Despite all the advancements man has made in medicine, technology, and travel, thousands of people still suffer every year because of such disasters.

You can never go wrong with a bug out bag that includes a survival knife. Just a simple piece of sharp steel can help you with so many tasks.

PUMA Knives for sale – High quality knives made in Germany

Visit our getting started page now for more details! If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding this program, contact us anytime! Bulldog Brand Image Gallery. Shop For Bulldog Brand Knives.

Puma Bowie Knife Fixed Blade Original Sheath Box Brochure Puma Skinner Hunting Knife Stag Germany preno date.

Since , Puma Knife Company has included a date stamp on both fixed-blade and folding knives. The coding system has changed throughout the years, but you can easily determine the year of your knife’s manufacture through the company website or by knowing how to decipher the code. Locate the date code on your Puma knife. The number will be from two to five digits long and might be followed by the letters RC.

Look for the number on the finger guard — the protective divider between the blade and the handle — on Puma fixed-blade knives. On a folding knife, look on the pushing spring, used to open and close the blade. The two-digit code is the year in the current century the product was made.

Puma Knife Shop Documentary Short Solingen Germany – The White Hunter